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Classic look, new flavor, more filling!


We keep trying to tell everyone that we are not dead, just in a holding pattern. Our last web developer was never really up to par with the "BSoD Feel" and like many others fell short on follow through with completion. For a while the BSoD site just felt like things were lingering in limbo and nothing would ever happen. As usual most of you are so very very wrong! We are always working on some kind of quirky project, idea, or proof of concept.

I'm not dead... just all my work is

BSoD is not dead, nor is I the one and only Foxx. Mustang is still kicking, figuratively speaking. Unfortunately my 500GB Hard Drive with my entire lifes work, an unsurpassed amount of projects spanning over 15 years, backups of my local drives, Operating System ISO disc images, and much much much more... died. I know the first thing you are thinking "Foxx you ASSHOLE, you should have used a RAID backup! MORON!". Yes.. I know.. unfortunately I am in the progress of migrating well over 6000GB of data, yes, 6TB of crap, around-across-trough my LAN and devices. Tivos', Xboxs', Tons of PCs, a few embedded gizmos, and even a Western Digital TV now. I had to toss my 1TB external HDD on my WDTV as I migrated all of my media over to that to free up space on a smaller drive to replace it in RAID, or at least duplicate copies of my files.

This is an external drive and used only when needed, unfortunately when I had powered down to migrate it to another computer, as the platters spun down the spindle bearings decided to seize. Using my Electron Stethoscope from an earlier segment, ironically showcasing how to listen to the EMI/EMF signatures of devices, among that some Hard Drives both good and bad, I can safely assume the platters cant move. After opening the drive, yes I know how bad that can be, but I think I know what I am doing, I tried to move the platters and frankly, I hate being right so often. Want to hear the pain and bane of my life? Check this out...

Sound Byte of whats been going on.

We have been working on a new BSoD release, but it will have to wait a little while longer until I can redo all the new BSoD v3 Graphics and animations, find archives of the software I use for producing final episodes and such. I even got a new computer to handle the higher 'quality' of production just for this task, but now don't have an OS to put on it as all my ISOs of them are fouled and begone. Be patient. We are not dead, just having a really shit run of luck lately.

BSoD - A Mini Series?


We have all been very distant lately but still conversing about ways to show to the web that we are still alive. One method we are going to try out is to make a Mini-Series. We will take previous segment content and mix common topics together so you have a single episode focused on one exact topic. We are also going to throw in some new stuff when we can, since some of us are still producing segments.

... and a happy new year


The new year is almost here and we want to wish everyone the best, and curse some of you with the worst. We have been getting a lot of feedback from the cancellation of the show. Many of you see this as a final The End and farewell to thee for BSoD. We arent going anywhere, and the show isnt canceled forever, so stick around. We are still offering a good home for hackers and technophiles alike so if you still want to jump on board feel free to poke in and say hi via IRC or Forums.

Merry Christmas! BSoD is Canceled.


BSoD has held strong for years, we have made many new friends and introduced interesting topics to newcomers. Unfortunately more than too many people have been following BSoD rather helping. The good majority of people that have offered to help out by creating content have either not followed due-process, or have not followed through at all. BSoD is an open community and without people helping with viable content, it wont continue being what it is. Because of this I have decided to cancel the show.

BSoD and FUBAR Labs - Tech Expo and LAN Party

Foxx and a few other BSoD'ers have been working closely with the hackerspace out in NJ, FUBAR Labs and will be having a tech Expo and LAN party November 21st from 7PM -3AM. Some details here:


Some of the things that will be available

  • LAN Party on the Xbox, Xbox360, Gamecube, Wii, and all your favorite classic consoles
  • Console RAM hacking crash course and demo
  • Exploring the Wireless Wilderness, radio scanning and fox hunting
  • Live interactive demo of Ham Radio. Want to see what Ham is all about, get on the air tonight!
  • Hackable Embedded Devices. Some of the devices featured on BSoD, and even more to come!
  • Good times with good people, hackers, geeks, and technophiles doing what they love to do on a Saturday night
  • We will be bringing in a bunch of game consoles for the LAN party, and even partake in some NES RAM Hacking, and maybe even fire up the Wii to do some work with the USB Gecko. There will be a bunch of stuff thats already been showcased on BSoD regarding 2.4Ghz scanning. Modded wifi and bluetooth cards, antennas we have designed and built, video scanners, and much more. If weather permits we will be going out to do some field scanning to find out whats out there in the wireless wilderness of New Brunswick.

    Besides Gaming, console hacking, and 2.4Ghz we will also have some ham radio topics there as well. If you are interested in Ham Radio in general there will be live demonstrations of the different forms of radio communications, like repeaters, Slow Scan TV, Radio Teletype, and perhaps even Radio BBS. If anyone is interested enough they can even hop on the air and chat with a few random people.

    If you are interested in coming and need a ride, hit the BSoD Forums and let us know if you need a lift, or can bring something to the shin-dig.

    Episode 34, tastes great, less filling!

    Episode 34, holy hell! Foxx continues with antenna design showcasing how to design and build Yagi Antennas. Uber' shows us more about overclocking, and some software that can help tweak your settings to perfection, or detonation. Even if you dont give a rats ass about overclocking, again Uber's segments explain how computers work. This also contains information on how to troubleshoot issues, so try not to skip it. Mustang grabs his Asus EEE by the gonad and turns it into a less crippled bitch by circumsizing Xandros, adding a few inches to its capabilities. Ugster follows up on last months 'What Is Linux segment' with some Live Linux Distros you can download (for free) and try without having to install them to your hard drive. Now you have no excuse to try out Linux. Since they dont install to the hard drive, nothing can really break, and you wont loose your current Operating System and personal files. Check the shownotes for more info on what each distro has for features, and where to download from.

     Episode 34

  • Yagi Antenna Design
  • Overclocking: Software
  • Asus EEE Advanced Xandros Unlock
  • Live Linux Distros
  • iPod mp4 and xvid avi formats are available.

    Usenet feeds are also available in the usual places.

    Episode 33, all over your face

    Well boys, girls, and things in between, its that time again. No, not a visit from Aunt Flo'. Time for a release. This month we bring you more antenna stuff with the Double Zepp Antenna, a fairly easy and diverse antenna for your (ham) radio. Uber' gives us a rundown about the hardware side of overclocking. Although its a very generalized segment, even if you dont care for overclocking this segment does a good job explaining how a computer is actually put together, and how it works, also why proper cooling and reliable components can save you hours of headaches in the long run.

    Unfortunately Foxx dropped the ball a few episodes back and forgot to air his NES Repair segment, so it will make its debut in this episode. After this segment... you WILL get your NES back to life. If you cant, then its an issue well beyond repair. Be sure to check the shownotes for more information regarding tips, techniques, and little nuances that can help you further understand the steps showcased, and some shortcuts into finding critical issues.

    If you have no clue about what Linux/Unix really is there is a nice little explanation of its history, and roundabout of why it has made a very big impact on the different tech cultures on the internet. If you are already well versed in what Unix and Linux is, bear with us and watch it anyways... and add onto the shownotes. I (Foxx) do not take any credit for this segment, as its clips from various pre-existing videos, and a little more added on at the end to clear up some misconceptions. Please, if you are linux savvy feel free to amend onto the shownotes to fill in the gaps. In fact, everyone is encouraged to add on to the shownotes to make them more detailed in general.

    BSoD is about a community all helping out with providing accurate information for everyone that wants to learn, so get of the bench and into the game already!

     Episode 33

  • Double Zepp Antenna
  • Overclocking: Hardware
  • NES Repair
  • History of Linux
  • iPod mp4 and xvid avi formats are available.

    Usenet feeds will uploaded to the typical places.

    Episode 33 delay

    As life would have it we have to postpone Episode 33. We have been getting involved with some interesting topics and would rather not break the pace of things. Unfortunately we have been getting very little or no feedback from the viewers on which direction to exactly take the show. We will continue to do Ham Radio, PC Overclocking, and Firmware hacking, but they are broad topics that will also need some background material to be covered. Also as things have developed both Foxx and Mustang have been in and out of medical visits.

    Episode 32 Woes

    We never get a break! So it seems www.FileDump.BSoDtv.org was hit so hard this release that the PHP script that was running to make the main page look pretty used up so much resources it was killing downloads for everyone. Fortunately the issue has been resolved by removing the glam' completely, so if you dont like the look of a bland file listing, blow it out of your ass. Be happy its working!

    This shows that BSoD is really growing, unfortunately we are not seeing as much viewer feedback as we would like. As much as we try to keep reminding you, this is an OPEN SOURCE SHOW. Content in every episode is completely dynamic to the topics that interest the community as a whole, and is also provided by them. Hop on IRC or the forums and speak your mind. The only stupid question is the serious one that was never asked...

    Foxx continues a breakdown of serial communications with the the software side of interfacing into some hardware, showcasing how some devices can be controlled from a very simple serial terminal. Mustang pops in and out of satellite lock with some nifty or flat-out must have GPS apps for the G1. The Wireless Warrior Foxx yet again rampages us with some antenna design, cramming the J-Pole in our face. Nixx brings us a well covered firmware hacking segment with the HTC Touch Pro, going deeper into explaining exactly what IPL, SPL, HardPL is, how it effects the device and other information pertaining to firmware hacking HTC (or damn near any) devices. Tommy, a well seasoned ham radio operator meets an untimely and unexpected interview with us and tells us a little bit about what attracted him to the hobby, some insight to the Ham Radio community, and how he quite literally owes his life two-fold to it. Never knew a ham radio could be used as a real life 1-Up!

    Episode 32

  • Serial Communications Part 2
  • Android G1 GPS Apps
  • J-Pole Antenna Design
  • HTC Touch Pro Firmware Flashing
  • Ham Radio: To the rescue
  • iPod mp4 and xvid avi formats are available.

    Usenet feeds will uploaded to the typical places.


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